Keeping Your Mainframe Data Secure on the Internet

Logo - iCYA.jpgWith over 70% of the world's data safe and secure on IBM mainframe servers, ensuring that data stays safe and secure is critical.

That's why we offer the iCYA™ (illustro's Control Your Access) network security appliance. The iCYA delivers a full implementation of the Internet-standard Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption technique to ensure your data traveling over the Internet or your intranet is protected. SSL encryption delivers up to 168-bit RSA certified security that ensures your data is useless in the wrong hands.

The iCYA is a 1U-height, rack-mounted network appliance that is delivered fully configured to your network specifications, ready to plug in and use. And for mainframe systems that don't have cryptographic processor support, the iCYA offloads the encryption/decryption cycles from your mainframe to a low-cost network appliance.

Diagram - iCYA - with title.jpg

Many of our customers use the iCYA in conjunction with z/Ware to form a complete Internet-enabling solution that gives them the comfort they need to deploy their data. And since nearly all web-browsers are SSL compatible today, the iCYA delivers end-to-end security right out of the box.

Putting your mainframe data on the web can be Easy. For more information or to request a trial of the iCYA, send us an inquiry, or call us today at 866-4-illustro (outside the U.S. 214-800-8900). And rest Easy.


  • Complete, turnkey solution — delivered ready to use
  • SSL 2.0, 3.0 and TLS 1.0 compliant
  • Up to 168 bit encryption
  • RSA certified public/private encryption
  • Supports client authentication through client certificates
  • Capable of blocking IP ranges (exclusion)
  • Allowed IP client address (inclusion)
  • Audit log contains user by IP address, elapsed time, bytes transferred, connect/disconnect timer
  • Trace facility for trouble shooting
  • Token-ring or 10/100 Ethernet capable
  • 90 day warranty and support, extended maintenance available