illustro -- Latin for "enlightened" or "to illuminate", represents a new breed of ideas and energies to advance the technology and innovations for the mainframe community. Why the mainframe?

With the heritage of over 40 years of success sustaining the IT infrastructure of companies and organizations throughout the world, the mainframe is today the benchmark by which all other major computing platforms are measured. Despite the abundance of additional platforms that now pervade all organization's IT environments, the mainframe still holds more than 60% of the world's data. Why?

Because of tremendous advances in manufacturing, technology and the embracing of open standards, the mainframe performs better, is more reliable and costs less to support than any other computing platform.  So when someone calls the mainframe old and outdated---what are they referring to? They certainly aren't talking about the hardware itself or the state-of-the art operating systems which drive the hardware. In fact, just about all of the vendors who hawk alternatives to the mainframe actually use "mainframe-class" as the benchmark to compare to their systems, including OracleMicrosoftIntel and Hewlett Packard. What is it then that still allows people to talk about the mainframe with nostalgia?

Internet computing is continually transforming the way information is presented, exchanged and used. This means that the interfaces to the mainframe -- both the human and computer-to-computer interfaces, are fundamentally changing. And it's those interfaces that have not kept pace with today's de-facto standards of Internet-based computing, including full Web-browser visual interfaces and data exchange using Web Services. The mainframe must embody and empower these interfaces; not in a patch-work fashion, but comprehensively, to be accepted by today's demanding class of Web-savvy users.

Count on illustro for Innovation Made Simple.

Making that happen is illustro's mission.  We are delivering software and services that empower today's mainframe customer to not only embrace emerging standards, but to lead the way with innovation. But what differentiates illustro's approach from any other company who makes similar claims? One word. Easy.

We believe that Internet-enabling mainframe applications should mean return-on-investment in hours, not months. And our z/Ware 2.0, fully integrated product with Web transformation and Web Services capabilities delivers what customers need; an Easy yet powerful solution which needs only the mainframe to function. Our customers have their Internet-enabling projects in production in the same time it takes just to evaluate other competitive solutions.

illustro has assembled an unmatched array of talented individuals spanning decades of experience in the mainframe industry. Our software solutions are written by developers with dozens of years of mainframe development background. Our technical support staff has been helping customers around the world for over 30 years. We offer a full array of professional services to make your projects go smooth and easy.

From industry leaders that you've come to know and rely on over the years, illustro has a lot to offer, and you'll find full details on our web site. It's about time someone untangled the labyrinth of technology and combined it with the most robust computing platform in history.  

But beyond everything -- we're different because we're making it Easy.