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Easy is just not a word that comes to mind for most companies trying to Internet-enable their mainframes. And with over 70% of the world's data still safe and secure on IBM mainframes, discovering how to make that data available through the Internet is on everyone's agenda. The problem is that despite their marketing messages, most software vendors require enormous investments in time, effort and money, so the reality ends up being far from Easy.

Why is our software different than all the rest? Simple. Our solutions to Internet-enable the mainframe were designed and developed by mainframe engineers, from a mainframe point of view. We developed what made sense, not what the most recent class or buzz word in the industry dictated. Our support technicians are legendary for their quick responses and changes for customers. After all, it's how you need to use the software that counts.

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Easy web-enablement for the mainframe.

We believe your mainframe should be able to communicate with everything and vice versa! z/Ware was built for mainframe users. With z/Ware, you get results in hours, not months. z/Ware is the Easiest way to transform the capable, back-end logic of your existing 3270 applications into fully functional web-browser based application or use Web Services to connect with other platforms.



illustro has designed and developed a broad range of software solutions in many important system software categories, from Storage Management to Application Modernization to CICS Automation and more. Designed to meet the demands of Fortune 500 and Global 2000 organizations, our customers rely upon illustro's innovative technology and world-class support to power their business.


See What You've Been Missing.

AUTOMON/TCPIP is the only full function performance and problem management software for TCP/IP for VSE customers. Best of all, it runs directly on the mainframe and features a rich, Web/AJAX user interface. As the first company to pioneer and release AJAX capabilities for mainframes, illustro has developed AUTOMON/TCPIP from the ground up with a 100% Web-based AJAX interface, bringing a rich, Windows application user experience that anyone can use. AUTOMON/TCPIP delivers all the functions you need to have a comprehensive look at what’s happening in your critical TCP/IP systems, both on-demand or historically.


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