z/Web Server VM

Secure, Robust Web Server for the Mainframe

Logo - zWeb-Server.jpgWith over 70% of the world's data still residing in the safe and reliable IBM mainframe environment, it's essential to make that data available to your Web-based users.

That's where z/Web-Server VM comes in. A member of illustro’s z/Ware line of Internet-enabling software for mainframes, z/Web-Server VM provides a secure and powerful web server environment to make your VM-based data available to Web-based users across your network environment. With z/Web-Server VM, you control who has access across your Intranet, Extranet or the World Wide Web. z/Web-Server VM gives you the flexibility to leverage the proven strength, reliability and scalability of today’s mainframe with the Web-browser access to data your users demand.

Diagram - zWeb-Server.jpgData Protection with Extensive Security

With the optional z/Web-Server Secure Feature, your mainframe data is protected using industry-standard Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption technology. Using licensed technology from RSA, Inc., z/Web-Server Secure Feature ensures a secure HTTPS session is used when needed to add additional protection.   What’s more, client authentication and validation is supported with digital certificates from a Certificate Authority.

You can even manage the generation and storage of public and private keys using z/Web-Server Secure Feature’s Web-based utility. And to extend the value of your existing mainframe security solutions, z/Web-Server VM interfaces with all popular external security solutions including Trust CA-ACF2CA’s eTrust VM:Secure, and IBM’s RACF.

Feature-rich Web Server with Programming Extensions

z/Web-Server VM also provides the ability to extend the functionality of your Web server with CGI programs written in Assembler or REXX using CMS Pipelines. Using z/Web-Server’s CGI authoring tools to streamline the process, this allows you to develop your own applications to suit your needs, including to process form data or update a database directly on the mainframe. And the features continue with dynamically loadable CGI modules, full CERN/NCSA audit logging—-even multiple-IP domain support.

Experience the most robust and secure Web Server available for your z/VM or VM/ESA system.

With z/Web-Server VM - serving up your VM data has never been Easier!