A state-of-the-art artificial intelligence product that "thinks" as it diagnoses problems.

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At a glance

If you are responsible for production systems and the delivery of CICS service to users, AUTOMON/CICS is a package you cannot do without.

Self-identify CICS system problems, investigate the actual cause of the problem, and take corrective action dynamically

Reduce CICS system outages via early detection of critical system problems and dynamical auto-correction

Maximize efficiency by allowing all incoming and outgoing transaction requests to be processed up to the HIGH threshold values

Automatically notify system console operators of system performance problems and the associated cause

Automatic detection of temporary storage shortages

Self-analysis of VSAM and VTAM resource dead-lock conditions


Key benefits that enable your CICS systems to run while saving your organization time and money.

Reduce hardware & software costs by 50-60%

Mitigate global CICS system outages

Accelerate terminal user response time

Automate CICS administration

Dramatically reduce help desk volume

Take control your critical host transaction server


Key features that keep your CICS subsystems running without incident.

Ease of use and installation

No APF authorization required, no IPL is required to install the product, no user SVCs and no operating systems exits.

Processing frequency logging

Average transaction rate, file I/O rate, VTAM I/O rate and aux temporary storage request rate capturing.

Short-on-Storage prevention

Prevention of short on storage and reduction of program compression cycles.

System / user abend settings

Automatic recovery of system/user abends (U305, U409, U602, U615, and more).

SysPlex and MRO/ISC compatibility

Monitoring of multi-CICS system activities through CICS and TSO/ISPF.

Auto adjust MXT / AMXT

Adjusting the MXT, AMXT and Cushion Size values dynamically.

Loop detection

System loop detection and application loop correction.

System degradation watch

Detection of exception and degradation conditions.

Artificial Intelligence

Storage violation detection and correction.

On-line messages

On-line access to messages and abend codes.

Central control panel

On-line generation of AUTOMON system table.

History database

Detailed logging facility (history database).

Dynamic system relief

Relief for system stress conditions.

CICS resource change log

Automatic logging of CICS changes.


AUTOMON/CICS is comprised of 5 main components.

Control subtask

Detective mechanism

Repair subtask

User action interface handler

Logging facility

System requirements