CICS-Windows - VSE

An intelligent manager for multiple sessions.

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At a glance

Increase productivity by having information simultaneously available on the same screen.

Terminal exclusion

Auto application startup

Pseudo ID generation exit

Up to 9 concurrent terminals

Tabbed windows feature and other customizable layouts

Built-in data compression optimization for virtual terminals


Power features that ensure the information you need is available with ease.

Easy installation

Easy to install and no software modifications or hardware changes needed.

Highly customizable

Easily tailored to your specific needs and environment.

User menu generation

Generate user menus.

Session hot keys

Assign sessions to keys.

Terminal vew

View another terminal.

Exclusion lists

Exclusions of certain physical terminals and users.

Multiple transactions on a single screen

Work with more than one transaction on the same screen.

Virtual terminal to virtual terminal data transfer

Easily transfer information from one transaction to another.

VTAM level file storage

Use of VTAM file storage for saving information.

Log in / off procedures

Sign-off and termination procedures.

Alleviate multiple log in / log off

Negate time consuming logging on and off when switching between applications.

Copy and paste

Copy and paste information with ease.

Up to 9 concurrent sessions

Expand terminal capabilities with up to nine virtual terminals on each physical terminal.

Help system

Online Help system.

System requirements