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Logo zVSE.JPGillustro's seasoned veterans have spent literally thousands of hours at installations helping customers on a wide variety of technical projects. Customers find that our unique experience and background means we can accomplish important technical projects in a shorter timeframe and with a higher degree of quality. This makes your life Easy.

Our services offerings adapt to what you need. From our all-you-can-eat iManage services, which offers one low-cost price to ensure your mainframe systems are running at their best, to full system migrations, performance tuning or disaster recovery, we have services customized for your needs. We even offer FREE conversion services to Barnard Software's TCP/IP stack, when you license the software through illustro.

And since our staff have decades of experience focused on nothing but top quality services work for customers, illustro succeeds where others fail.

  • iMOVE™ - Whether it's a migration from an older release of VSE, or the latest release of z/VSE, iMOVE makes sure you arrive on time, in working order. iMOVE is a customized migration project, managed by our staff, drawing upon decades of VSE experience. With iMOVE, we start with an interview process that allows us to gather the information we need to deliver a fixed-quote migration cost so you know all of the parameters at the start of the project.
  • iBUILD™ - iBUILD is often packaged with iMOVE, to offer the lowest-cost option for a successful system migration. With iBUILD, we perform as much of your system upgrade as we can at our multi-CPU data center, to make the entire process as non-invasive as possible. This reduces travel cost, minimizes the impact of the project and improves overall project quality.
  • iTUNE™ - In I/S, performance is everything. When your system isn't performing up to your expectations, iTUNE can help you pinpoint the problems and plan a course of action. iTUNE can either be done remotely through software data gathering, or through on-site personnel. illustro will even make its iServer™ performance software available to provide concrete analysis of your existing system and to provide benchmarks for improving performance.
  • iPLAN™ - The iPLAN services offering enables illustro personnel to work with your staff to gauge where you're at, and where you're going. iPLAN can include systems analysis as well as industry product briefings to help chart a course for future system requirements, capacity planning and new product implementation. This often results in a consultant report that delivers recommendations and forecasts for you to use for your continued planning. An ounce of planning is worth a pound of doing it over again.
  • iCONNECT™ - Our staff have tremendous knowledge and background working with complex TCP/IP and SNA implementations. For VSE/ESA customers, we have experience with both the Connectivity Systems and Barnard Software TCP/IP stacks, and now we offer FREE conversion services to upgrade to the Barnard Software TCP/IP stack. iCONNECT gets your system components talking.
  • iASSIST™ - With iASSIST, leave the 3rd party products to us. The iASSIST offering allows us to augment your system migration project, essentially outsourcing the 3rd party product installation part of your project, including Computer Associates, CSI and BIM and others, allowing your staff to focus on the operating system migration. Our in-depth experience in multiple customer environments as well as our staff's relationship with the vendor's support teams often mean we can relieve a major source of frustration and get your project in on time.
  • iRECOVER™ - Most organizations today are focused on disaster recovery planning to ensure their critical IT systems are available to their operations. Proper planning can ensure you stay in business, and don't lose valuable time that could be directed to better uses. With iRECOVER, you work with our staff who systematically plan for a variety of scenarios and then document and test your plan, and then update it on a timetable you designate. iRECOVER gives you access to our technical staff who have been directly engaged in actual disaster recovery events. iRECOVER means you have the peace of mind that your mainframe system is up the challenge. For iRECOVER subscribers, illustro can even offer off-site Application System Provider (ASP) functions as an additional hot-site option in some cases.

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