Make Sure Your Software Feels Safe Too.

Logo - iSOS.jpgillustro's innovative iS.O.S. (Support Offering Subscription) delivers incredible value in a comprehensive services package. The iS.O.S. program is the first of its kind, delivering regular, pro-active system-health checks to ensure the software side of your system receives the same kind of assurance as your hardware.

The iS.O.S. program is an innovative subscription program, delivering a menu of expanding benefits that provide remote support, emergency help at no additional cost and regular, timely information.

iS.O.S. subscribers are positioned for immediate help. With each subscription, illustro conducts a thorough review and inventory of your existing system software, hardware, operations and 3rd party software. This information is then stored online for review and updates, and is available to illustro’s professional services staff when working with your site.

But most importantly, in the event of a total system outage illustro personnel will provide unlimited remote software support until your system is up and running again. This means your support costs are capped and you're covered when you need it most.

The iS.O.S.program ensures your organization gets the support it needs from the best technical services in the industry, without interruption. illustro's professional services team is never on vacation, never sick, and can always be available 24 hours per day.

While you pay thousands per month on hardware maintenance just in case your hardware breaks down—-for a fraction of that cost you can ensure your operating system software and environment is covered too! One is just as important as the other!

What's more, the iS.O.S. program has no long-term commitment, so there's no obligation to continue should your plans change.

Just click here to complete a simple inquiry form and a manager will call you to to take the first step in iS.O.S. enrollment.

iS.O.S. can be the difference in ensuring your system stays available. Finally---a services program that assures your software is just as protected as your hardware.


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