The best full function performance and problem manager for your critical TCP/IP systems.

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At a glance

Delivering all the functions you need to have a comprehensive view of what’s happening in your mainframe TCP/IP systems.

Consolidated display of all important TCP/IP network activity

Dashboard overview of all activity in your network, including all hardware interfaces, applications, protocols, connections and hosts. All of this data is available in table and chart form and you can drill down to more detailed information using the AJAX/Web interface.

Monitor live data or look back using Retrospect™

Using the innovative Retrospect feature, you can retrieve dynamic live updates or request data from another date and time in the archive if you need to look back to a particular period of time to review system activity or troubleshoot a past problem.

All TCP/IP stacks are supported, including IPv6

AUTOMON/TCPIP runs natively on your mainframe system in any partition, static or dynamic. Full support is included for all TCP/IP stacks, whether licensed from IBM, Barnard Software, and/or Connectivity Systems. Full support is available for IPv4 and IPv6.

Standard interface to security managers

AUTOMON/TCPIP supports the RACROUTE standard interface so you can utilize any security product including BIM-Alert and CA-Top Secret. If there is no external security manager installed, AUTOMON/TCPIP provides a basic security management facility.

Full web-based user interface

AUTOMON/TCPIP's rich web-based interface is based entirely on industry-standard AJAX technology, complete with drag-and-drop capabilities, context-sensitive menus and more. The interface is responsive and easy to use, allowing non-mainframe personnel to feel comfortable using the software.

Critical event dynamic alerts

AUTOMON/TCPIP has a robust Alert interface that allows you to set notification criteria for specific events in your system. The Alert feature works in the background, dynamically notifying you visually when a threshold is reached. You can optionally set up an email notification for an event as well.

Advisor™ mode tells you what to look out for

You can run AUTOMON/TCPIP in Advisor mode to analyze traffic on your TCP/IP system and determine behavioral patterns. Alert conditions can be automatically created to let you know when your system is NOT behaving normally.

Write flexible reports using z/IPUtil™

Eliminate limited "canned" reports and harness AUTOMON/TCPIP to report on whatever you need, with simple, easy to understand "select" type statements in the JCL. Use any combination of captured data fields, with subtotalling and sorting.

Integrated messages console and message notification bar

AUTOMON/TCPIP includes a message notification bar at the top of the screen, next to the alert notification bar. This enables you to tell at a glance if there are new messages that have been generated that may need your attention. Instead of monitoring the mainframe console, you can see all messages from either TCP/IP or AUTOMON as a single place for managing your TCP/IP system.

Packet trace facility for deeper diagnostic needs

AUTOMON/TCPIP’s integrated Packet Trace facility allows you to start, stop and view a packet trace directly from a browser. Data is fully formatted including breaking out all network headers, color coded by protocol, with data translation into either ASCII or EBCDIC. You can print the trace to a printer attached to your PC, or through POWER on the VSE system, and you can export and open a trace in Wireshark!

Direct, integrated command interface for TCP/IP

AUTOMON/TCPIP provides one place for the full management of your TCP/IP environment. With the integrated Command Interface, you have the ability to issue commands directly to the TCP/IP partitions and receive the responses in the browser interface. A scrollable console log is kept for the duration of your session.