A powerful batch interface system that allows batch processing to run concurrently with CICS activity.

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AUTOMON/BATCH is an online menu-driven system utility, operating under CICS.

Online installation of definitions in remote CICS regions

Online import to copy resources between Cads without using batch

Generation of DFHCSDUP statements from selected CSD resources

Generation of DFHCSDUP statements to correct differences between CSD's

CSD compare - locate differences in two Cads for all or selected resources

Online message and audit retrieval of historical CICS resource activity and maintenance information

Print, archive and purge audit history file

Resource reporting in screen image or DFHCSDUP format

Duplicate resource names reporting

File status display (open, closed, enabled, disabled)

Single file viewing along with two multi-file displays

Simple RDO function execution via tabbing to the desired file and pressing a PF key

Forward and backward paging through the DFHCSD file in name sequence without changing group names

Automatic closure and deactivation of files that have not been accessed in a specified amount of time


Simple and dynamic maintenance across all file definitions required by CICS.

File status and definition

Single key file status and definition information is instantly available for inquiry or authorized modification.

Batch file manipulation

Open or close on-line files from a batch partition or region.

Automated file inactivity deactivation

Automatically close and deactivate files that have not been used for a specified interval of time to free resources tied up by an inactive file.

Transaction / Program administration

Disable transactions and/or programs associated with a file when the file is closed and enable them when the file is opened.

CICS file administration

Use the File Service functions to browse, display, alter, add and delete any CICS file records.

Hex character toggle

Display data records in both hex and character format, allowing changes to be made in either mode.

Searchable records

Search data records for a hex or character string, interrogate an entire file using the LOCATE function, and construct queries using boolean logic.

Live record reformatting

Reformat data records on-line using the LOCATE function.

Key data integrity

Isolate duplicate key data using the LOCATE function.

Non numeric locate function

Find non-numeric data fields with the LOCATE function.

File variable-length adjustment

Change the length of variable-length records with the File Service functions.

Update via Batch Interface

Vary file service requests to UPDATE or NOUPDATE through the Batch Interface program.

Extensive customizable help

Utilize detailed help displays for every field displayed by the AUTOMON/BATCH system.

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