Help-Windows for VSE

Online documentation management.

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Help-Windows delivers features to simplify online text creation and maintenance, along with text retrieval from application transactions.

Full online access

Create, maintain, display and print entire manuals on-line, on the mainframe, and the power of four levels of hierarchical organization are supported.

Full screen help

Create and use help menus in full-screen mode, for quick access to various sections of help text.

Windowed help screens

Display help text in a window, of a pre-defined size, on the screen.

Word wrap

Wrap text to fit the window, or pan the text right or left in a window.

Full help text search

Search for key words or character strings in help text.

Attach help to user transactions

Access sub-sections of a manual, or stand-alone documents from any user transaction.

Attach help to transactions and fields

Associate help text with a transaction, a screen of a transaction, or a field of a screen.

Attach help to keywords and phrases

Associate help text with a word or phrase within other help text, creating multiple levels of help.

Cross-document level help

Define "cross-document" fields that appear on multiple screens or transactions, always referencing a common set of help text.

Cursor position help

Define help displays by invoking the user transaction screen, positioning the cursor as desired and pressing a "help definition" key.

Hot key help

Define a single "hot" key to be used as the help-retrieval key for all transactions, or define a different help key for individual transactions.

Nested help support

"Chain" sections of help text together in various ways to create multiple paths through the documentation.

Unlimited window layout

Create multi-window displays with overlap in any configuration desired. There is no limit to the number of windows on one screen.

Import text

Import text from other files into the help-windows text file. Use control statements to easily define and sub-define the imported document.

Export text

Export Help-Windows text to a sequential file to be processed by another system.

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