The Industry's First Fixed-Price Systems Programming Service

Logo - iManage.jpgiManage Menu.jpgillustro has a long history of providing innovative services and products to the mainframe community. And now, in response to exceptional demand from customers to find ways to save money and cut costs, illustro is re-inventing the professional services model. Introducing iManage Sys™ - the mainframe industry's first fixed-price IT systems programming service.

Budget dollars have never been more precious, but you still need to ensure your VM and VSE environments are up-to-date, problem-free and performing well. With the iManage Sys services program, your organization pays a flat monthly rate for 100% of your systems management needs for your VM and/or VSE operating systems.

This unique, "all-you-can-eat"  approach means you now have one, low-cost price to ensure your mainframe systems are up and running at their best. Whether its supporting your application or operations staff with daily problems, keeping your IBM and 3rd party software up to date, or conducting a disaster recovery test, it's all included. The best part? illustro's staff is on duty 24x7x365--no sick days, no holidays, no vacations -- and no surprises.

How can we provide this service? With a properly managed system, illustro engineers focus on proactive maintenance and planning, minimizing the number of problems and mitigating their effects. This means less time spent managing your system and more time using it to run your business. What's more, illustro's engineers have been providing top-quality professional services to the VSE and VM communities for over 20 years, and we employ many of the recognized "go-to" resources in the industry. But don't take our word for it--ask for our client reference list to see our 100% success rate with customer engagements.

iManage Sys is designed to help you save money. Whether you are "sunsetting" an existing mainframe system, need to replace retiring personnel, or provide existing staff with backup and another source for help on projects, iManage Sys provides expert assistance at a fraction of the cost. And since the cost is fixed, we share the risk of providing the service to ensure your costs are limited.

iManage Sys - We Manage. You Relax™

So get back to work. Let us worry about your system. Just click here to complete a simple inquiry form and a manager will call you to take the first step towards lowering the costs of managing your mainframe systems.


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